Co- Producer


Director Keven McAlester




PARIS 2015 - 2016

Director / Editor / Producer


Producers: Kristen Butler + Jason Reimer

FD Films


Travel collage filmed in the fall of 2015 Paris for a story in the final issue of FD Magazine.



Director / Editor / Producer


Producers: Kristen Butler + Jason Reimer / FD Films

Dallas and Shannon Sonnier / Eric and Laura Steele

FD Films / Aviation Cinemas


A man living on the fumes of a dwindling family trust waits for a phone call that might change his fate while trying to escape the shadow of his successful father.


SON - 2015 (Dir. Judd Myers)



A sheltered kid cons his way into a sick day. Left alone for the first time, he stumbles upon a sinister family secret.

Special Jury Prize for Narrative Short, Oak Cliff Film Festival 2015


Director / Editor / Producer


Producers: Kristen Butler / Jason Reimer / Barak Epstein

Pyramid Scheme Production / Aviation Cinemas


A man tries to escape a past that doesn't seem done with him yet.



RADIOACTIVITY - "Battered + Stripped Away" - 2015

Producer (with Standard Pictures) - DP


recorded live in six takes  at valley ridge mall in glorious 4:3 video


Director • Keven Mcalester



SARAH JAFFE - "Lover Girl" - 2014

Director / Editor / Producer


Producers: Kristen Butler / Jason Reimer

Pyramid Scheme Production / Kirtland Records / Aviation Cinemas


A contemporary riff on a dark romantic fable.

JMPR - Director's Reel - 2014


Selected clips from various film productions.

Music : History at Our Disposal


DP's - Jake Wilganowski / Bret Curry / Jason Reimer

Producers : Kristen Butler / Adam Donaghey / Barak Epstein / Good/Bad Art Collective / Aviation Cinemas

Sound / Camera : Frankie Richards / Jon Collins / Jon Heath



FOREVER - 2013 / 14 - Director / Editor


In 2013 the GOOD / BAD Art Collective was asked to participate in the NASHER Sculpture Center's 10 year anniversary show "NASHER X". The resulting multi-media project included an experimental short "info-mercial" film that aired on CBS in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Dallas.


More info about the project is available HERE

2nd Unit Director / Composer


Bob Birdnow's Remarkable Tale of Human Survival and the Transcendence of Self - 2013

Two old friends reunite at a conference in Dubuque, IA where Bob, the reluctant guest speaker, is slated to give a motivational speech to a struggling sales team.


Oak Cliff Film Festival Promo - 2013

Director / Editor / Creative Director


The Oak Cliff Film Festival is a neighborhood-based Independent Film Festival that takes place each summer in Dallas Texas. It was founded in 2011 by

Aviation Cinemas and launched in 2012.


More information about the festival can be found HERE.

BAPTIST GENERALS - "Dog That Bit You" - 2013

Director / Producer / Editor


The first single off the Baptist Generals (Sub Pop) record features a world inhabited by animal people. They're having a hard time fitting in, although this is what binds them together.

BAPTIST GENERALS - "Fly Candy Harvest" - 2013

Director / Editor


A promtional single for the record Jackleg Devotional to the Heart by Baptist Generals (Sub Pop). Another tale of class divide between the haves and the have-nots.

MIND SPIDERS - "Wait For Us" - 2012

Director / Editor


Another fantastic song from the prolific Mark Ryan and his band of cohorts Mind Spiders. Inspired by the mid century sci-fi tales, "A reclusive man sends a distress beacon to catch his ticket off an abandoned planet".


Art Director / 2nd Camera


A young protege and his boss sit down for the most epic steak dinner of their lives in Omaha, Nebraska.